October 5. This is Lisa and Kim from Las Vegas who were great company on the trip between Mestre and Milan. I'm going have to visit Vegas soon.

Piazza Marconi in Vernazza, one of the 5 villages that make up the Cinque Terre.

One of Vernazza's small alleys. There's no cars here.

Another thin Vernazza Alley.

Vernazza Harbour

A cafe in Vernazza.

This is the Steves, Rick and Rick. Actually this is Tricia and Jeff from Portland but Tricia is still from Los Angelas. I met them on the train; they got on in Milan and filled the seats vacated by Lisa and Kim above. They were great company on the train and I was able to share their itinerary which did a 2 minute train switch in some small Italian town and managed to save me close to an hour and a half in travel time getting to Vernazza. I further leaned on them to set me up with affordable accommodations: The town's hotels where full but Jeff managed to secure us two rooms in a private home. My room cost me only L40,000 per night! And to cap off a great day, these two honeymooners invited me to have dinner with them. Thanks again you two, You are wonderful people and I hope we meet again.

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