September 20. My Uncle Eddie's house in Blantyre which is southeast of Glasgow. This is where I stayed while in Scotland.

These are my uncles Eddie and Walter and they are about to take me on a road trip to St. Andrews.

This is the house my Mum grew up in (top floor, left hand side only). It's in Blantyre, very near my uncle Eddie's house above.

A Roman bridge in Strathclyde park.

Picture of a farm house taken from the car on the road to St. Andrews.

The town of Cupar, also on the road to St. Andrews.

Homes near the golf course at St. Andrews

The Old Course at St. Andrews. First hole tee off.

St. Andrews Hotel with the ancient stone bridge.

The same view as above with a bit of sunshine.

The clubhouse at St. Andrews.

Walking through the town of St. Andrews

The ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral

After St. Andrews, we drive down the coast to the town of Anstruther.

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