St. Andrews

The New Picture Hall on North Street

Looking east along North Street

There's a lot of bed and breakfasts in St Andrews. No doubt they all fill up when there's a golf tournament. But I was quite fascinated with the stone work on these buildings.

The Club House

A wider view of the Club House and surrounding buildings.

The shoreline and the North Sea.

St Andrews from the shoreline looking up at the builings along The Scores.

A view looking east along Market Street.

Looking west along North Street to the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral.

The ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral.

A church on The Scores.

Houses along The Scores, just west of the golf course.

More homes along The Scores.

A hotel along The Scores. It looks like was recently converted with the addition of those stairs and entrance way -- they don't seem to fit.

The first hole tee-off with the North Sea in the background.

The Clubhouse with the first hole tee-off and 18th green in the foreground.

A golfer on the 18th green.

The front of a residence next to the golf course.

The ancient stone bridge with the St. Andrews Hotel in the background.

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