Photo Album: Stanley Park

A collection of Stanley Park photos from September, 2009 (Flickr Lightbox)

Photo Album: PNE

A collection of PNE photos from September, 2009 (Flickr Lightbox)

Photo Album: Alaska

A collection of Alaskain cruise photos from July, 2007 (Flickr Lightbox)

Photo Album: Calgary, Canada

In February 2003, I visited Calgary, Canada for the first time. My friend Carole, above, was kind enough to give me a great tour of the city. She was so knowledgeable that I got her to provide all of the captions for this collection of photos.

A Scottish Photo Album

Here's an extended Scotland Photo Album. It includes many of the photos I took on my 2000 trip that didn't make it into my UK/Europe Photo Album.

UK/Europe Photo Album

Here's a UK/Europe Photo Album taken in the fall of 2000. It includes shots from Scotland, England, France and Italy.