Wheatlands Avenue, Blantyre

The River Clyde. This photo was taken from the steel footbridge near David Livingston's House.

This is an old mill that's attached to David Livingston's House. The waterwheel is long gone, or maybe it's inside.

The Silvertrees Holtel in Bothel. My parents had their wedding reception here. Obviously the place is now out of business and they're either tearing it down or converting it into flats.

Shops along Stonefield Road.

The Commercial Pub on Stonefield Rd

Here's a blow-up of the photo above. That's the owner waving to us.

The catholic church on Glasgow Road. My parents were married here.

The prodestant church on Glasgow Road.

The Old Original Bar at the corner of Stonefield and Glasgow Rd

Here's the house my Mum grew up in on Fernslea Avenue. This photo was taken from the Commercial Bar parking lot.

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